Instructional Design Model

The Tell Me – Show Me – Let Me Try It – Test Me instructional design model allows participants to absorb, assimilate, practice, and demonstrate the individual learning segments.
Tell Me
The Tell Me section covers the basics of the learning objective - the specific concept, regulation, or best practice to be learned. This is where many courses stop, but for Palmer Atlantic it's only the beginning.
Show Me
Taking those basic premises to the next level, the Show Me pages put those regulations and best practices into the context of a driver's daily activities. Real world situations, day-in-the-life scenarios, and comparison examples demonstrate how the content impacts them, and how they can integrate it into their normal routines.
Let Me Try It
After seeing the context of the content, it's time to try it out. Let Me Try It pages provide activities and exercises that give drivers a chance to apply that knowledge in a safe environment. With realtime feedback and reminders of key concepts, the exercises are powerful tools for learning reinforcement.
Test Me
The last stage of the process is the final test, where scenario-based assessments validate that participants have met the learning objectives for the course.