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Environmental Spill Seminar - Mitigation & Control

Environmental Spill Seminar - Mitigation & Control

A transport related spill can take on a life of its own; things happen fast. Oftentimes there are cost overruns to the cleanup and no clear reasons as to why. This seminar took aim at the why, removed the mystery and provided carriers with practical steps they could take to mitigate the costs. Held on site at at Palmer Atlantic as part of our no-cost concierge service to our clients, it was well attended with excellent reviews.

Our Keynote speaker, Kevin Burgher of EFI Global, has 20 years experience in environmental spill mitigation and control. Glen Bigney, also of EFI Global is a professional engineer with 13 years experience in the field. Drawing from their own experiences and real situations we learned what to do, what not to do and how to be prepared.

As a direct result of this seminar, Palmer Atlantic Specialty Services developed a Spill Response Protocol template which clients could easily and quickly adapt to their own company. Not a client? Contact Lori Vanhorne directly at 1.506.375.7605 or email her at


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